Chaffey College 1B

library card application rc library

s1b sp2019 essay 1 elements of character

p2019 videos on asylum seekers

hello english 1b students sp19

our oer rhetorical textbook units 1-6

sp2019 online reading and viewing assignments

your hip slice “fix-it” weekly journal of observations and interviews sp2019

mychaffey portal faqs


common logical fallacies list

master list of logical fallacies


stoecker, r. (2016). liberating service learning and the rest of higher education review

inductive and deductive reasoning ppt


sample rhetorical analysis paper the olympics

critical reading strategies

the norton reader rhetorical strategies

sample rhetorical analysis reading hoberman the olympics

engl002 english composition ii descripption

The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen – Questions

Analysis of On Being Brought From Africa to America by Phillis Wheatley

VR Ruggiero – Beyond Feelings 9th edition

The Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller interview; CBS broadcast of Lee J. Cobb’s performance Act 1 and Act II

Death of a Salesman Study Guide

RCCD Hierarchy of Rhetorical Concerns Prioritizing Feedback

RCCD 1B M_4_V_4_Quoting Skills II

Logic in Writing Purdue OWL

RCCD 1B D_4a_ Logical Fallacies 3

RCCD 1B D_3a_logical fallacies 2

RCCD 1B D_2a_logical fallacies 1

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