SET – Gerrit Lansing (1961-64)

1960s: Days of Rage

“How to manage the heat”: On Gerrit Lansing: “Gerrit Lansing passed away February 11, 2018, in Gloucester, Massachusetts. A man of wider & deeper knowledge than almost anyone I have known, Lansing was as familiar with, & brought as much care to, contemporary poetry & poetics as to older literatures, to the traditionary sciences as to modern science, to the making of music as to the preparing of food. … 3. SET #1. In 1961, Lansing saw the need for a magazine of poetry, actions & community (see #5) & created SET—the polysemic title resonates from jazz to tennis (well, in a minor, more humorous way) to stance (I hear as the Olsonian term but also as Paul Celan’s ‘stehen,’ as equivalence to being alive, still) to Egyptian hermetic godhead—which will be ‘fix & dromenon / & to the poem.’ The inside front cover starts with the word ‘onset’…

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