Fred Hampton Murder / Angela Davis Revolutionary

1960s: Days of Rage

The Black Panther, Fred Hampton

“… On the night of November 13, 1969, while Hampton was in California, Chicago police officers John J. Gilhooly and Frank G. Rappaport were killed in a gun battle with Panthers; one died the next day. A total of nine police officers were shot. Spurgeon Winter Jr, a 19-year-old Panther, was killed by police. Another Panther, Lawrence S. Bell, was charged with murder. In an unsigned editorial headlined ‘No Quarter for Wild Beasts’, the Chicago Tribune urged that Chicago police officers approaching suspected Panthers ‘should be ordered to be ready to shoot.’ As part of the larger COINTELPRO operation, the FBI was determined to prevent any improvement in the effectiveness of the BPP leadership. The FBI orchestrated an armed raid with the Chicago police and Cook County State’s Attorney on Hampton’s Chicago apartment. … Photographic evidence was presented of ‘bullet holes’ allegedly made by…

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