Great Earth Day Resources

Library of Learning Resources

Teaching Students to Care for the Earth

Every year, we celebrate Earth day during the month of April. To help teach students about why and how to care for our planet, here are some great resources from My Teaching Library…

A Study of the Earth – Natural Resources- This is a FREE resource shared from the Minerals Education Coalition.

Earth Day Activities for 2nd – 4th Grades- This Earth Day product includes a large number of activities for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades for Language Arts and Science! It includes:
– A COMPLETE Lapbooking unit
– A VARIETY of Language arts activities including vocabulary work (Earth, recycle, reuse, reduce, conserve, resources, water, land, air, awareness, environment, clean, responsible, renewable, energy, natural) ; Mini-Books to create ; Reading comprehension ; Earth Day similes ; Poetry creation and more!
– Science Activities such as materials categorizing and sorting
– Answer…

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