Exploding Plastic Inevitable

1960s: Days of Rage

It Happened in 1966: Andy Warhol’s Plastic Exploding Inevitable: “During 1965, Andy Warhol accelerated and amplified his scope to match the culture’s momentum. In October, he announced that he was leaving art and staged a happening: a 40-foot long silver balloon was launched into space from the Factory roof. Filled with helium, it was a forerunner of the Silver Clouds that remain a staple of every Warhol retrospective today. Four days after the helium happening, Warhol travelled to Philadelphia for a major retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art. This was planned as something different: Columbia Records executive Norman Dolph was hired as a DJ, while curator Sam Green removed the art from the walls to ensure its safety. The blank space was more like a discotheque than an art gallery. To the sounds of It’s All Over Now, Barefootin’ and Ian Whitcomb’s campy You Turn Me On, the crowd of…

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