The people have spoken – Magazine ‘Révolution Africaine’

1960s: Days of Rage

From the cover of Révolution Africaine.

“Less than one year after the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) signed peace accords with the French government to end the Algerian War for Independence, a small cadre of militants joined to draft the first edition of a new magazine: Révolution Africaine. The publication promised to serve the new nation and the African continent. It sought to ‘make known the struggles of [African] peoples… and call on all men enamored with liberty and progress to fight at their side.’ In the 1960s, Révolution Africaine developed from a site of Franco-Algerian anticolonial solidarity to an organ of official policy, reflecting a broader transformation in Algerian popular media. Founded by French-Vietnamese Trotskyist Jacques Vergès and FLN fighter Zohra Drif, the weekly publication presented itself as proof of Algeria’s commitment to popular democracy, African liberation, and global anti-colonialism. They featured articles about anti-colonial struggles in…

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