“Lines on Ale’ for New Beers Eve

Flowers For Socrates

Irene Fowler is on hiatus

April 6, 1933New Beers Eve: the night before the sale of beer becomes legal again in the U.S. the Cullen-Harrison Act goes into effect, redefining what an “intoxicating beverage” is to exclude beer from Prohibition – full repeal of Prohibition didn’t happen until the December 5, 1933 ratification of the 21st Amendment, repealing the 18th Amendment.

“Lines on Ale” is a curious artifact of the 19th century. It was originally attributed to Edgar Allan Poe. The poem is believed to have been written in July, 1848, at a tavern in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was found in an obscure source in the 1930s by Thomas O. Mabbott, who included it in the volume he was publishing of Poe’s poetry. Poe did visit Lowell in either 1848 or 1849, but the anecdotal evidence that he is the poem’s author is fairly sparse. Several Poe experts have…

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