John Merrow: First They Came For the…

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John Merrow updates a famous saying from the Second World War. There was a time when every educated person knew it, often by heart. It is about indifference to the sorrow and tragedy of others.

He begins:

First they came forthe transgender kids, and I did not speak out—because I am not transgender.

Then they came forthe bisexuals, the gays, and the lesbians,and I did not speak out—because I am none of those.

Then they came forthe same sex couples, and I did not speak out—because I am married to a woman.

Then they came for me—but by that time the puritans, the fascists, and the power-hungry were in complete control, and speaking out was not allowed.

Of course, that isnotwhat German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller wrote back in the 1930’s, of course. What he said was this:

First they came for…

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