Angel Hair

1960s: Days of Rage

“The poets and New York natives Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh met at the Berkeley Poetry Conference in 1965, while absorbing the Zen-influenced poems of San Francisco-based writer Robert Duncan. This chance encounter begat a romantic and creative partnership that, back across the country in the East Village, lit a spark within the Downtown poetry scene. Lewis remembers: ‘we were going on nerve, all of twenty years old, but trusting in our love, which was less tricky and in the moment defied all uncertainty.’ Angel Hair, the beloved yet short-lived magazine and small press, was, he says, ‘our way of giving birth — as much to the actual magazine and books as to our selves as poets.’  … Anne and Lewis were living at 33 St. Marks’ Place, between Third and Second Avenues in a ‘skinny railroad apartment,’ which, as Lewis notes in one interview, is now a…

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