Clothespin Nightlife by Katrin Talbot (HOW TO HEAL THE EARTH Series)

Silver Birch Press

D O'BRIENClothespin Nightlife
by Katrin Talbot

They hang like
ripe fruit,
waiting for a
twist, a
release, listening to
the owl song,
then back to
the morning’s joyful grip,
dancing, conserving
under the scallop of

PHOTO:Hummingbirds and Clothespins by Denise O’Brien (2007).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’ve hung my laundry out for decades, composted since the 70s, and ridden my bike when I can, but I thought the clothesline might make the best poem!

katrin with chicken dress copyABOUT THE AUTHOR: Australian-born Katrin Talbot’s collection Wrong Number is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, and she has six other chapbooks, including The Blind Lifeguard and Freeze-Dried Love from Finishing Line Press, Attached—Poetry of Suffix, The Little Red Poem and noun’d, verb, all from dancing girl press, and St. Cecilia’s Daze, published by Parallel Press. Her poetry has appeared in many journals, including Main Street Rag, Fresh Ink, Bramble, and Your Daily

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