Eduardo Galeano – Soccer in Sun and Shadow

1960s: Days of Rage

“And Eduardo Galeano‘s book seems to reverberate that sentiment, though in much spectacular detail. ‘Soccer in Sun and Shadow‘ is easily the most beautiful book written on the Beautiful Game in every respect. Beauty lies in simplicity & the joy of reading this book comes from its its elegant yet effortless writing. In fact, Galeano abhors the language of the so-called soccer doctors or the football analysts & commentators while mocking them for complicating the game more than necessary through the use of fancy words & terminologies which the common man doesn’t understand. He presents a utopian vision of the game – how the game ought to be played in today’s world, where winning has become so vital that adventure is sacrificed for the sake of efficiency. The chapters are very short indeed, some of them barely a page or so. Through these chapters, the book explores…

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