Teach-Ins Helped Galvanize Student Activism in the 1960s. They Can Do So Again Today.

1960s: Days of Rage

Hans Morgenthau leads a debate on Vietnam that was broadcast to teach-ins across the nation on May 15, 1965.

“When the teach-ins protesting the Vietnam War erupted on many campuses across the country in 1965, academic administrators complained that the professors were politicizing their universities. But it was the universities that had already politicized the professors. Large increases in federal funding throughout the Cold War, including projects sponsored by the CIA and the Department of Defense, led to a politically driven reorientation of teaching and research aimed at combating the ‘Communist threat’—as by purging professors suspected of affiliation with it. While the physical sciences were directly involved in military research, the social sciences were largely realigned in conformity with the global geopolitics of the conflict, developing an emphasis on geographies, languages, economies, anthropologies, and histories of strategic Third World regions that had previously been marginal to their concerns. … ‘Insurgency…

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