SCUM Manifesto – Valerie Solanas (1967)

1960s: Days of Rage

SCUM Manifesto is a radical feministmanifesto by Valerie Solanas, published in 1967. It argues that men have ruined the world, and that it is up to women to fix it. To achieve this goal, it suggests the formation of SCUM, an organization dedicated to overthrowing society and eliminating the male sex. The Manifesto has often been described as a satire or parody, especially due to its parallels with Freud‘s theory of femininity. It has been reprinted at least 100 times in English, translated into 13 languages, and excerpted several times. The term ‘SCUM’ appeared on the cover of the first edition from Olympia Press as ‘S.C.U.M.’ and was said to stand for ‘Society for Cutting Up Men’. Solanas objected, insisting that it was not an acronym, although the expanded term appeared in a Village Voice ad she had written in 1967. The Manifesto was little-known…

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