Dangerous Visions – Harlan Ellison (1967 – Editor)

1960s: Days of Rage

Dangerous Visions is a science fictionshort storyanthology edited by American writer Harlan Ellison and illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. It was published in 1967. A path-breaking collection, Dangerous Visions helped define the New Wave science fiction movement, particularly in its depiction of sex in science fiction. Writer/editor Al Sarrantonio writes how Dangerous Visions ‘almost single-handedly […] changed the way readers thought about science fiction.’ Contributors to the volume included 20 authors who had won, or would win, a Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, or BSFA award, and 16 with multiple such awards. Ellison introduced the anthology both collectively and individually while authors provided afterwords to their own stories. Advertisements described Dangerous Visions as ‘For the first time anywhere—33 great new stories by all the science fiction masters of our time’, and ‘Not collected from magazines, not collected from other books ……

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