Acrylic Pour at the Art Center by Lindsey Martin-Bowen (HOW TO Series)

Silver Birch Press

Acrylic Pour Four Lindsey April 2019Acrylic Pour at the Art Center
by Lindsey Martin-Bowen
for Theresa Henderson

This method scares me—no brushes,
no palate knives. We pour paint—
mostly white—into a Dixie cup,
three other cups hold one color
apiece: turquoise, navy, or pink.

We fold Floetrol, water, and three
drops of silicone into each.
Then we pour Dixies one at-a-time,
holding them high, into a plastic custard
cup we flip onto canvas. We wait,

then slide, tilt, and roll the paint.
I worry I cannot create the shiny
abstract scenes filled with “cells”
that form eyes on a glossy canvas.
I still don’t know if I can make it:

The key, I’m told, is giving up control.

PAINTING:In Bloom by Lindsey Martin-Bowen.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I was much younger, beginning in high school, I was a visual artist, painting mainly with oils and acrylics. Often I worked in a surreal style…

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