A Quora Response Re: Covid-19

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This post is primarily for those who are convinced that COVID-19 is no worse than the flu … and only affects “old people.”

Is the coronavirus more dangerous than the flu? 

(The following response was submitted by Caroline Sim on January 25, 2021.)

I am currently recovering from Covid-19. My partner and I caught it at the same time, despite both of us working from home, rarely going out, and always wearing masks when we did. His symptoms were very mild and cleared up quickly, while mine, according to the physician who was treating me, were “classic.” Except that instead of lasting 2 weeks, my symptoms lasted 2 months (and counting).

Most people are aware of the relatively high death rates from Covid-19. And many have heard about the “long Covid” sufferers, who continue to be sick or have permanent tissue damage, as well as those who’ve experienced “cytokine storms”…

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2 thoughts on “A Quora Response Re: Covid-19

  1. Thank you for the reblog!

    IMO, it’s important that people are made aware that COVID-19 can affect ALL ages — and with more than just “flu-like” symptoms.

  2. Thank you, Nan, for posting so I could reblog.
    I remain optimistic that people can and will learn what Covid-19 (and its variants) does to the human body.
    Flu-like symptoms is one of many symptoms, and even that (fl-like) symptoms does not indicate the long term affects of Covid.
    My wife (63YO, a breast cancer survivor, and has MS) tested positive in March. She was exposed to the carrier indirectly: building supplies were stored in her office, and electricians (one was the carrier) retrieved equipment from her office when she was not there.
    She did not have direct contact with the carrier.
    Even now, almost one year later, she still has decreased lung capacity and waves of anxiety.
    COVID does not go away like the fly; it stays forever.
    And unfortunately there are too many who still believe that COVID is nothing more than the flu.
    Ignorance is costly.

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