Mémoires – Asger Jorn/Guy Debord (Situationist International, 1959)

1960s: Days of Rage

Mémoires (Memories) is an artist’s book made by the Danish artist Asger Jorn in collaboration with the French artist and theorist Guy Debord. Printed in 1959, it is the second of two collaborative books by the two men whilst they were both members of the Situationist International. The book is a work of psychogeography, detailing a period in Debord’s life when he was in the process of leaving the Lettrists, setting up Lettrism International, and showing his ‘first masterpiece’, Hurlements en Faveur de Sade (Howling in Favour of Sade), a film devoid of imagery that played white when people were talking on the soundtrack and black during the lengthy silences between. Credited to Guy-Ernest Debord, with structures portantes (‘load-bearing structures’) by Asger Jorn, the book contains 64 pages divided into three sections. The first section is called ‘June 1952’, and starts…

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