Trump Plans to Keep Fighting Even After Congress Certifies Electoral College Votes

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Daily Beast reports that Trump will not stop fighting even after Congress declares Biden the 47th president on January 6. He will likely keep fighting after the Inauguration.

Trump is promoting demonstrations and protests in D.C. on January 6, hoping for disorders by his gun-toting, maskless cult. He dreams of a putsch.

Eleven Senators, led by Texas’ Ted Cruz, announced that they would not vote to certify the Electoral College vote unless there was an audit of the votes. This, despite the complete absence of any evidence of voter fraud in any state. Georgia counted its vote three times and it came out the same. Other states also recounted their votes. This statement is pure pandering to salve Trump’s fragile ego and to persuade him not to run a Trumpet against them. Senator John Thune of South Dakota has been heroic; Trump tweeted to try to encourage the governor…

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