TCS: Dear Readers – Some Last Thoughts

Flowers For Socrates

All good things must come to an end– Geoffrey Chaucer, 1380s

My very first post at Flowers for Socrates, in July 2015, was a Word Cloud about James Dickey, a poet better known for his novel Deliverance.

My very last post will be the ON THIS DAY tomorrow – Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

In between, I’ve posted here over 2,245 times.

Thank you all so much for stopping by, some of you every day, to read what I’ve posted.

The reason I am not continuing is because Word Press has initiated a new block system for writing posts which I find baffling and completely unfriendly to this user. Given the stress which all of us are under because of the pandemic, particularly here in the U.S., the added problems on the West Coast because of the wildfires, our upcoming election, and some personal issues, the timing of this new system…

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