writing a publishable literature review paper – four options


After you’ve spent loads of time reading,summarising and synthesising the literatures for your research, it’s hardly surprising that you might wonderwhether all of this work can be turned into something publishable. I certainly encounter many doctoral researchers who want to do just this. I was a bit surprised to see thatwhile there is a lot of material around about how to do different kinds of literature reviews – for example this,this and this – there is actually very little around about how to write a publishable paper afterwards – a paper based solely on ‘the literatures’.

Surely the tome is not all there is... Surely writing The Tome is not all I can do with all thatreading? I do need to clarify here what I mean by literatures. I don’t mean literature as in fiction/non fiction/poetry and plays but rather, the books and papers that are written by researchers about them. I don’t mean archival materials…

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